Wide plains of Iraq are a perfect battleground for SPGs that can cover virtually any spot on the maps of this sector. But the large open space also plays against the artillery, making it very hard to properly conceal your self-propelled guns from the enemy. Light and medium tanks have shown good performance on Iraq’s irregular desert terrain thanks to their maneuverability and speed.



The terrain is hilly forestland, with a sprawling network of rivers and lakes. As a battleground, it is suited to a wide range of vehicles. Hills, bushland, and abandoned buildings provide excellent shelter for SPGs to take aim carefully, while more maneuverable tanks can lie in wait to ambush unsuspecting enemies. Hilltops are particularly useful for surveying the low-lying vicinity and raining death upon anyone careless enough to venture out from behind their cover.



The dense rocky terrain is suitable for any tank type, from light to heavy; however, the towering mountains make it difficult for SPGs to gain the upper hand. These vehicles will need to reposition often in order to keep the enemy in firing range. 

Arizona's lowlands eventually give way to mountainous terrain lined with winding roads.



The terrain is predominantly flat with several bodies of water, which allows for the use of most vehicle types: from light and maneuverable vehicles to heavy tanks. SPGs, however, will find their range of operation limited by the presence of high-rises. Since the Chernobyl meltdown, the abandoned city of Pripyat has been seen as the embodiment of nuclear war