I need help.!
I cant play the game. I t keeps saying error on screen, my hangar is always empty. I can play the tutorial but after that no more. It keeps saying error ID:001 answer type:hangar, what do i do? I really wanted to play the game since last year. Please respond!

That's a new one. What device are you using?

Have you tried deleting the app, restarting your device, reinstalling the app, and restarting again? This helps clear up problems with many apps.

Oh boy, i tried like 4 times to delete and re install the game and still no dice, im using an iPad2 im on iOS 7 :(((((

And it seems the game is the main problem cuz i tried making new accounts and still the same results, i actually ran out of e-mail addresses.

I've just looked on Google for the error code and a few others had the problem but the Dev's/Admin surprisingly have ignored them too.

Maybe do a reset to the ipad?

I basically tried everything, about this, restarted everything, even my wifi, :(((. Well might as well wait it out, thanks for lending your time guys!

You could sue game insight and use the cash to buy a new ipad

Lol! Thats wayyyyy above me man, besides this issue is not worth the effort for a law suit lol. Still dissapointing tho.

Still dissapointing tho.+1

The game.e should work on the iPad 2, it worked on mine. Did you erase all content and data to the factory reset? Go into settings and do it the log back in with your apple I'd then reinstall the game. There is no reason why it shouldn't work.

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