Vehicle Types

Vehicle Types

LT – Light Tank 

A Light Tank compensates for its weak armor and low firepower with a very high maneuverability.

Note that it is not intended for direct confrontation with Medium and Heavy Tanks.

Main purpose of the Light Tanks is scouting, detecting enemies and transmitting their coordinates to allies, and destroying enemy artillery.

Mobility and speed of a Light Tank allow it to escape the enemy who will be nervously rotating his slow turret only to watch the LT retreat into safety swiftly and unharmed. Light Tanks aren't effective at defending the home base and shouldn't be tasked with it. Instead, you should capitalize on LT's strong sides. Wise use of their speed and maneuvarability can cause a lot of trouble to the enemy team.

MT – Medium Tank

Medium Tanks are good all-rounders with impressive firepower and good protection values.

MT's armor can effectively survive the punishment inflicted byother Medium Tanks and lighter vehicles.

Medium Tanks excel when used as support for Heavy Tanks. Their mobility and speed make them extremely versatile: MTs are equally good at making a push for the enemy base as well as at protecting their own. A well-coordinated pair of MTs can take on virtually any enemy.


HT – Heavy Tank

A Heavy Tank boasts a massive amount of Hit Points, incredible armor, and deals large amounts of damage.

But all this comes at the cost of low maximum speed and a very limited maneuverability.

A Heavy Tank is ideal for breaking the enemy line, but don't forget to call someone to tag along and guard your flanks. Even such a powerful machine as an HT can be surrounded and crushed by an overwhelming enemy force.


A – Artillery

Artillery brings tremendous punishmentto the table with its long-range plunging fire that deals maximum damage in comparison to other vehicle types.

Its main weakness thought is its low armor; SPGs are better kept far from the front lines, preferably concealed in foliage or behind large boulders and buildings.

Artillery relies on allies to detect the enemies inside the SPG's range of fire and transmit their coordinates for efficient targeting. Since HE shells are the main ammo for the SPGs, you should be careful not to hurt your allies when firing.To avoid friendly fire caused by the splash radius of HE ammunition, allow the reticle to fully converge before tapping the Fire button. This will also guarantee the maximum accuracy for your shots.

G – Gauss tank

The gauss tank is a super heavy tank that offers amazing fire efficiency due to the utilization of the coil gun as its main weapon. This tank’s benefits include great single-shot damage, high target accuracy on distances up to one kilometer, increased projectile velocity, as well as wonderful camouflage.

At the same time, the tank has some noticeable setbacks: thin body armor, slow reloading speed, bad maneuverability, and low ammo capacity due to the heavy weight of missiles.