Game Overview

Game Overview

Tank Domination is a free-to-play multiplayer action game that lets you delve deep into a world of fiercely exciting battles. It’s a game that redefines tank warfare and lets you operate the latest vehicles conceived by world’s finest engineering minds.

As a soldier of fortune, you select an armored vehicle, modify and equip it with the best the military industrial sector has to offer, and strive to achieve the fine balance that will give you the upper hand on the battlefield.

Use your tactical genius to blow the enemy out of the water!


Game features:

  • A cross-platform approach: many devices, one account
  • Real-time, fast-paced tank battles
  • Sophisticated and realistic 3D, a fully destructible environment and painstakingly detailed graphics
  • Maps that include a variety of terrain types based on real-world regions, such as Iraq, Korea, Pripyat and Arizona. Coming soon: climate zones, day/night cycle, and seasonal changes
  • 10v10 team battles; the excitement and heat of real-time tactical-strategy battles
  • Unique clan wars
  • 34 modern tanks that have excelled on battlefields since the turn of the 21st century
  • A wide selection of ammo and a variety of ways to modify it
  • Diversity and flexibility: you can modify, improve, and augment any of your tank's parts to increase its battle characteristics
  • An entire arsenal of Special Gear: repair kits, active armor, camouflage nets, recoil and traverse compensators, engine mufflers and muzzle breaks, and much more
  • An instant messaging system to allow you to communicate easily with your fellow soldiersbr
  • Tanks from 4 countries are represented in the game, and soon, the number will double
  • 4 main classes of armored vehicles: light, medium and heavy tanks, and SPGs. We plan to add at least 5 more vehicle classes, including MRLs and tank-support combat vehicles
  • A unique additional class available to the best players: tanks equipped with electromagnetic Gauss cannons