A new week of events, as requested!
24/11/2014 09:12

Last week’s Tank Domination birthday events ended only a few days ago. However, we believe in never-ending fun, so another event-packed, fun-stacked week of battles is already on the way. And we won’t just be listening to your comments — we are going to base the entire week on them!

Leave a comment with your idea for a schedule under this post, but make sure the following limitations are followed:
T-90, FV4030 Challenger and Chieftain tanks may not participate;
• No single tank can dominate the entire week.
As on the battlefield, there is no time to lose. The event week will begin as soon as we’ve gathered and analyzed all your suggestions.

Weekly Rewards for Best Tankers and Clans
24/11/2014 01:24

It's Monday again, the time to take a look back at what happened on the battlefields over the last seven days and reward the top-performing Clans and tankers with some Warbucks!

Here's a list of this week's 10 most dangerous Clans: As for individual tankers, rewards and glory go to:
2. All Stars 
3. Северный ветер  
4. Salamandra 
5. Outcasts  
6. Wild Division  
7. Warriors 
8. Scorpions  
9. Regulators 
10. Wolfkillerz 
1. Mihano
2. vardanlm8
3. fab51
4. mikhail1975
5. dir1
6. Iroquez
7. KidBroStreet
8. pan1976
9. killer424
10. Anna569126

Don't forget that the ratings are updated every week, so if you fight hard enough, in seven days, one of the rewards could be yours! Good luck, soldiers!


Changes in the conditions of special events
21/11/2014 02:53

An urgent coded message from headquarters! The rules of our special events for Tank Domination's birthday will be changing in the very near future.

Events will only be accessible to tanks levels 12 through 23. During the event, the amount of credits you receive for battles on all maps will be increased by 20%.

Special celebratory events for Tank Domination's birthday!
19/11/2014 05:55

Today is a special day. On November 19th Tank Domination turned one year old! Over the course of the past year we reached the 1.5 million player mark, fought hundreds of thousands of battles, and turned millions of tanks into smoking piles of scrap metal. Of course, all this was only possible because of you, the players. You are what makes Tank Domination such a unique and enthralling game. So please accept our gratitude and congratulations! This is only the first year, just the beginning. As the project develops, expect many more innovative features and an influx of new players! Stay with us and keep playing!
Now it's time to go to battle and celebrate our favorite game's birthday with a good fight!

In celebration of our first anniversary, all maps will have the following special events from 10am (GMT+3)  

New Map Testing
18/11/2014 09:10


According to our intelligence, on the 18th of November from 12:00 hours server time, a new map is available for testing: Iraq - Oil Plant. It will complement the maps you already know so well: Arizona - Ranch and Korea - Firehouse

Tank Domination is the first cross-platform tank MMO action game for mobile devices, which takes place in the near future. There are two game modes: a battle between two teams of up to 10 people or single training and fighting in a separate location. The game has a strong social component: chat, forum, friend lists, as well as profound ranking and award system.